Hakuba is a ski resort town in the northern Japan Alps. As the surrounding valley has an annual snow fall of over 11.1 meters, it is the central hub for 10 ski resorts with more than 200 runs. The village was the main event venue for 1998 Winter Olympics (Alpine, Ski Jump, Crosscountry).

Hakuba consists of seven main ski areas. At the southern end of the Hakuba Valley are the resorts of Hakuba 47, Goryu, and the Olympic ski resort Happo-One (pronounced O-ney). To the north are Iwatake, Tsugaike, Norikura, and Cortina resorts.
(Goryu, Hakuba 47, Hakuba Happo-one, Highland Snowpark, Iwatake, Minekata, Sanosaka)

Surrounded by the Japan Sea (northward), Nagano City (eastward) and the Tateyama Kurobe Dam area (southward), Hakuba is also a popular summer vacation area which offers a variety of outdoor activities at an altitude of 700-800 metres, e.g. hiking, rafting/shower climbing, paragliding, mountain bike, bird sighting etc.


Location:Acces map on happo one website : http://www.happo-one.jp/english/plan/traffic.html




























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5 Responses to “Skiing in Hakuba Happo one”

  1. Great pictures and a fantastic time to be in Japan at the moment with all the snow.

  2. The ski resort looks pretty great. They also have a good slope that’s perfect for beginners and intermediate levels. Wish you had included the pictures from the hotel itself.

    • lifeyoutv says:

      Thanks for your comment ;-)
      It really perfect for beginners/intermediate and the snow is really good quality there!
      About the hotel, well, we ve been to The ridge Hotel and Apartment ( http://theridgehakuba.com/ ) we took an apartment for one week.. not really cheap, but awesome services and great apartment.. They also have some hotel room cheaper..
      If you are on a budget there is a lot of accomodation in Hakuba for all budget (form guest house at 3000yen/night to you own cabin at 50.000yen/night for 5persons)


  3. Tokyo Joe says:

    WOW! Very beautiful photos! I went to the Nagano Olympics back in 98 and these photos made me remember that it was very beautiful. Thank you so much!