The Mitama Matsuri, or “Festival of Lights” is held in Tokyo from July 13th to 16th in the Yasukuni shrine.

The Yasukuni Shrine is a Shinto shrine dedicated to all the soldiers died for their country since the Meiji Restoration. It honors more than 2 million Japanese soldier souls died in imperial wars.  There is also i the war museum in this temple, and of course, each year the Mitama Matsuri is held, which is intended to appease the souls of fallen warriors since 1853.

In addition to approximately 30,000 lanterns, you will see traditional food stalls of traditional matsuri, attractions include a haunted house.  Performances of traditional dances, parades, performances of martial arts … Every night, the spirits of soldiers killed in the war receive a ceremony in order to be comforted.

The matsuri is a must see in early summer in Tokyo, during day time AND also night to see the lanterns!


Location:Yasukuni shrine
Hours:July 13th to 16th
By train: Kudanshita station (Shinjuku Line, Hanzomon Line and Tozai Line), also accessible from the Ichigaya station soubu line ( about 10min walk)























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